January 28, 2014

Bonefish Grill

My mom, sister and I started were inspired by the 30 Day Paleo Challenge about a month ago and cold-turkey decided to start the paleo diet. Since then, all three of us have noticed tremendous changes. We have more energy; we don't feel so bloated after eating - it's more of a light and satisfied feeling; and, we have all lost more than 5 pounds! One of the biggest challenges the diet poses is what to order when eating out. Since I became more health-conscious in January 2012, I have picked up tips and tricks from here and there about hidden calories and how restaurants actually make their food. The main thing is that restaurants usually put BUTTER on EVERYTHING! So, as smart dieters, we have to know to watch out. Or, that sirloin and broccoli which seems so healthy and diet-friendly could be scary. Why do you think Outback's broccoli is so good? It's that special ingredient. Same thing with salads... Restaurant dressings can make some salads worse than just biting the bullet and ordering a burger.

So, my first paleo ordering adventure was Bonefish Grill. I was on a "business" trip, and with two other girls. After asking what seemed like 25 questions, I came up with this:

My order: 
Filet (no butter) and crabcake (The waiter said they make their crabcakes with minimal breadcrumbs.) with steamed veggies (no butter) and a House salad (dressing on the side). This meal was wonderful, and the meat was so tender! There is no need at all to upgrade to the filet. A sirloin would be just fine! Think about what I would have eaten if I didn't specify "No Butter!" Tip #1: Ask what veggies and meats are topped with and tell the waiter you do not want any added butter.

Bonefish Grill Menu 

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