January 31, 2014

Dried Fruit = Sweet Tooth Satisfaction

Earlier this week I finagled my way into a ticket to a dinner event to which tickets were supposed to be $95.00. One of the greatest things about being a law student is the opportunity to volunteer to help at networking events which means a free ticket! Woo hoo! All we had to do was set the programs up on each place setting... I'll take that over $95.00 any day.

The night did come with one challenge... a piece of key lime pie sitting in front of me ALL night. Let me tell you... it took everything I had not to eat just one bite. My stomach was really trying to impose the "Just one bite..." logic, but somehow I came out stronger than the pie. I didn't even touch it!

For obvious reasons, I was feeling pretty deprived after dinner, which was paleo-friendly with filet, shrimp, a scallop (Yes, only one.) and veggies. I tried to ignore the possibility of sneaky butter on the plate. The only thing I had to skip was a stack of potatoes. Easy! We were then invited to an "after-party" at a local bar/lounge, so I needed to get cash just in case which led me to Publix. So, I went straight to the GreenWise section of dried fruit. I debated which fruit I should grab and eventually went for the dried pineapple (low sugar).

Be careful when buying dried fruit - A lot of them have added sugar. As a good paleo does, check the ingredients, and you'll instantly know whether or not there's any added sugar. These said "Ingredients: pineapple" Tip #5: Check dried fruit for added sugar. I know cranberries usually always have added sugar because they're naturally so bitter. A lot of banana chips have added sugar as well. Be sure to look for the "Unsweetened" versions. I bought four rings, and it only took two to satisfy my sweet tooth craving. And, they have the thick/chewy consistency that satisfies your body's need to chew something. Do you all get that feeling too? I don't know how to explain it in a not weird sounding way, but I get that craving for something between my teeth.

Last week I bought dried Turkish apricots from Whole Foods which has a GREAT dried fruit selection, and they serve the same purpose. Although, they're not as sweet as the pineapple. My mom recently bought Just Grapes from the Just Tomatoes brand at Whole Foods and said they're awesome! I haven't tried them yet, but I would take her word for it.

Some dried fruits I've tried and enjoyed are: pineapple, papaya, raisins, apricots, mango

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