January 29, 2014

Jersey Mike's

A few friends from school and I met for lunch today - It's only appropriate that we take a 2-hour lunch break on our "Snow Day," right? We actually went to Chick-Fil-A, but I was not feeling chicken and fruit. I feel like that becomes a pretty consistent meal with paleo. So, I stopped at Jersey Mike's before heading to Chick-Fil-A. I walked in thinking I would get a turkey and/or ham Sub in a Tub (breadless option) but ended up calling an audible. Sub shops can be an easy way to eat with friends and stay paleo because you can get all the vegetables/deli meat you want, and just skip the bread. By the way, my best friend and I did a taste-test for almost every chain sub place. Jersey Mike's tied for 1st place with Publix. It's the best!

My order: #17 Philly Cheesesteak without bread, no cheese, with lettuce and banana peppers. You can obviously add any vegetable you would like. I thought about tomatoes, but I wasn't sure how they would pair. Basically, it's a Philly salad. I actually really enjoyed this and would totally get it again. I had never ordered a Philly anywhere but am happy I did today. So you know, I asked a few questions before I ordered. The Philly is only made with steak, peppers, and onions and is not cooked with any hidden oils. I almost felt like I was cheating, but I'm 99% sure I wasn't. Bonus: It was less than $7.00, and Jersey Mike's has a rewards program that eventually leads to free food.

Jersey Mike's Menu 

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