January 28, 2014

Outback Steakhouse

So, this year was pretty exciting for me as my little sister pledged my sorority chapter and was initiated in October. Now, we are "Sisters Squared," as we like to say. The even cooler thing is that I was a charter member of our chapter, meaning I was one of the founders. So, for her to be a part of something I started makes me so happy. Being a new chapter meant we didn't have a chapter house, until this year. Saturday was the Ribbon-Cutting ceremony for our chapter's BRAND-NEW HOME!
All dressed up and STARVING after the festivities ended, we debated on a place to eat and finally agreed on steaks from Outback. I'm telling you, this must be butter's hang-out spot. We had to say "No butter" for everything we ordered. But, it ended up being a great meal!

My order:
6 oz. Signature sirloin (no butter) with a sweet potato (no butter or brown sugar or toppings at
all, for that matter) and broccoli (no butter). My sister ordered the sirloin with grilled shrimp (no butter), grilled asparagus (no butter) and a sweet potato. We told the server there was no need to bring us bread and waited for our meal. My sister was shocked to finally experience the reality of what restaurants use to cook the food. Although we were starving before, we were both satisfied and full after our meal, and everything tasted great! Steak places should usually be pretty paleo-friendly, as we can always go for a piece of meat.

2/14/2013 Update: My sister and I went to lunch at Outback today. I had a $4 coupon off of two lunch entrees. My order: Sesame salad with grilled salmon (no butter), dressing on the side. Unfortunately, it was terrible. It was an "American" salad blend dumped on a plate with about 3 oz. of salmon covered in salt and a side of sesame oil. I choked it down while staring at my sister's plate with envy. She ordered a 9 oz. sirloin (not butter) with a sweet potato (no topping or butter).

Outback Menu

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  1. Hi Melanie, I am just starting a Paleo/Primal eating style and I was curious why you chose not to include butter as part of your Outback meals? But is dairy but I've seen many Paleo sites state that butter is Paleo. Is that just a personal choice for you or does Outback use poor butter or butter with added ingredients? I'd like your input, thanks for an interesting blog!