February 6, 2014

101 Restaurant

101 is a local restaurant that is too convenient for every college student in this town. Basically it's an original American menu. So, as we were waiting for those devil-ish cupcakes to cool so they could be frosted, we ordered 101 to-go. Again, I was pleasantly surprised to see how much I could eat on this menu! I wanted so bad to order sweet potato fries, but for some odd reason they were on a "limited menu" and didn't have them tonight. Boo! I think they did it on purpose, knowing they'd get my business again because now I can't stop thinking about sweet potato fries. My order: Blackened grouper sandwich without a bun, sauce on the side and a House Salad Other paleo options on their menu:

  • Tenderloin tips
  • Sweet potato fries, 
  • Burgers (without the bun or cheese)
  • Ahi tuna
 2/21/2014 Update: Tonight I went with a group to 101 for a good friend's birthday. I got creative and ended up with a very satisfying and delicious meal! My order: Lemon Basil Chicken with no sauce, gluten-free and double veggies instead of mashed potatoes (no butter) They did a great job following the order, and I felt very confident that I was eating paleo. Tip #13: Skip the sauce. Sauces usually add a ton of calories, and most restaurants use some sort of cream or butter as the base for sauce.

2/28/2014 Update: So, I had a coupon... I swear. And a friend and I went to 101 for dinner after the most stressful week of my life. *Bonus Tip: Join the mailing/fan list of any restaurant at which you frequently eat. They'll send you periodic coupons/deals which are great because you'll eat there anyway! My coupon was for a free appetizer, so I ordered the Tenderloin Tips (app) and a side of Sweet Potato Fries... $4.50 dinner. Genius! 

Brunch at 101 

101 Menu

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