February 20, 2014

Buffalo Wild Wings

Trying to find a mutually-agreeable restaurant with a vegetarian friend is not an easy task. Besides questioning your friendship, viable dinner options are hard to come by.

Source: Twitter
Counter-intuitively, B-Dubs was the solution this time... Don't ask me how this beat places like WholeFoods Cafe and Bonefish. Mexican was proposed, but considering I can't do tortillas, rice or beans, that was something I didn't feel like fighting with on a Wednesday night.

Either way, I've been wanting to eat at BWW ever since our SuperBowl party, so I was satisfied. My order: Small order (10) of Traditional Wings with Medium Sauce, carrots & celery
Mild, Medium, Hot and any other traditional buffalo sauce is fine to order. Try to stay away from the other flavored sauces like Mango Habanero or BBQ because they tend to have extra sweetener. Tip #12: Be sure to say you don't want your wings breaded.

3/30/2014 Update: We went to BWW for lunch today and, first off, I ate wayyy too many wings. But, they were great! I figured out other paleo options. My order: 5 Spicy Garlic & 5 Mild, but my mom and I mixed and matched. She ordered Mild, Salt & Vinegar and Honey Mustard. The Lemon Pepper dry-rub is also paleo. We tried the Honey BBQ but didn't like it too much.

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