February 13, 2014

Rely on the certainty of paleo.

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So, this is how I've been feeling about school-work lately... barely keeping my hands, let alone my head, above water. Yesterday as I was doing some work before a lunch meeting (to which I packed chicken salad over lettuce), I had this thought...

"I am so busy these days. How is it that I've been able to stick to and have such success with paleo?"

And, it hit me. Dieting has become this fad that everyone says they're going to do, decide to do and then give-up after it becomes too constraining, or just refuse to do altogether for various reasons - one being lack of time - and then they give the word a negative connotation. But, I think people are working too hard at it.

Paleo provides the structure and tangible restrictions that make it easy. There's no constant questions like "Can I have this?" "If I have just one tonight, it won't make a big deal." Or, as this blog attempts to aid paleos with - how to eat out. It's no longer a diet or an inconvenience; it's simply how I eat, therefore how I grocery shop, cook and order in restaurants. If you are new to paleo, don't give up simply because you feel hungry all the time or don't think you can stick to it.

30 days is the magic number. After 30 days, it is said your body has transformed to paleo and processing food properly. More importantly, you will psychologically think of other foods that used to seem so tempting and sad to give-up as unappealing and toxic. OK, that sounds extreme - but, you get what I mean. You will be used to the products and know how to come up with a menu and corresponding grocery list. In fact, I seriously believe that paleo is part of the reason I have been able to get up 2 hours early each day to do reading I didn't finish the night before and still have the energy to work-out at least 3 times each week and cook dinner almost every night. "Go paleo or go home," as my sister has started saying.

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