February 22, 2014

Concession Stands

My life becomes about 150% better this time of year because...  
So with that comes the loss of a really good friend... hot dogs. Long live the days that I would sit at the fields with a binder on my lap, studying for an exam, cheering on the team and eating a hot dog. I haven't quite accepted the fact that this season will not be full of Kayem franks, but I'm okay with it... I think. I'll do my best to not talk myself into one with a gluten-free bun. Why did I have to hear that those are even available?

So, what do you do at a concession stand? Before I go any further, the best concession stand will be in your purse or bag or pocket or anything you'd like to carry it in. Check out the Trail Mix or Packed Lunches posts for ideas of fun snacks. But, hey!We want to be cool and go get something from the concession stand too. Here are a few options:
Source: hallmark.com
  • hamburger without the bun - top with lettuce, tomato, onions, mustard
  • sunflower seeds (if you want to ignore the added salt)
  • sausage (without the bun) - top with onions, mustard
  • hot dog (without the bun); although hot dogs are hardly paleo due to the process by which they're made - top with onions, mustard

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