February 1, 2014


The weather today was finally warmer than 65 degrees! It wasn't the prettiest of days, but I was thankful to walk around comfortably in jeans and a t-shirt. (Granted, I had a sweatshirt in tow just in case.) After an event, a few friends and I went to lunch on our walk home. Crepevine is a more local place which is starting to branch out. I believe they just started their first franchise across the state. Basically, the menu consists of sandwich-like fillings which are stuffed in the center of a hot crepe. They're actually pretty good. My roommate opted for the strawberry, banana and whipped cream-filled crepe topped with chocolate syrup and Nutella. Really, I think I should have made him sit at a different table, so I didn't have to look at it the whole time. But, since I did... I figured you could join in on the fun... You're welcome.

Credit: www.thecrepevine.com
On that note, just a small sidebar about the adjustment process to paleo: I've grown into the mindset where I'm not just "on some diet" and "can't eat" x, y and z. It's become more of a way of life, and it's only been three weeks. So, for you new fellow paleos, there is hope. But, I have to tell on myself. I cheated pretty bad this morning. I went to breakfast with my boss after a night out and had two eggs, turkey sausage, and here's the kicker: french toast for breakfast. Honestly, I wouldn't do it again. Three weeks away from its last dose of gluten, wheat and sugar - my stomach was immediately upset. And, I have felt bloated all day. Lesson learned: "Cheating" is not all it's cracked up to be after all. So, really, I'm not too sure I would have eaten "the gilberto" if given the chance.

My order: Make your own salad with chicken; spinach, mushrooms, cucumber, tomatoes, onions I tried to get banana peppers, but they were out. And, I thought I was being a creative genius when I told the nice man making my salad to put buffalo sauce (Frank's Red Hot) on my salad... buffalo chicken salad, right? Mid-way through the salad I had to drink my roommate's water because mine was gone, and I didn't think I had enough time to get to the water fountain and refill it before my mouth burst into flames. Not kidding, it was painful. After every bite, I doused my mouth in water. But, if you're a fan of spicy - This is the lunch for you. If not, go with the Make your own salad option, and use oil and vinegar which is what my sister did.

Crepevine Menu

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