February 17, 2014

Make Friends & Pantry Purge!

Reality is that no matter how hard we try, there are always those non-paleo ingredients in the pantry that have now over-stayed their welcome. I know my pantry, at least, has become segregated with certain shelves being paleo-designated and everything else shoved where it'll fit. My roommate, who relies on sugar for calories, probably doesn't help this situation. But, hopefully, one day there will be more paleo shelves than non-paleo shelves. Realistically, it'll be once I live on my own. But, I've found a great solution to this issue! Behold, cupcakes...
My latest strategy for life is to make my friends really happy, make new friends and get rid of non-paleo junk, all at the same time! Multi-tasking is one of my specialties. The secret? ... Make something incredibly non-paleo for a get-together with friends that's super yummy (and bring your own paleo snack). Oh, and friends make this super easy because they have these things that seem to pop-up all the time which call for non-paleo goodies - birthdays. Another way is to provide non-paleo goodies to friends. I have one friend who loves to cook, so he received my quinoa. And another friend who shared (past tense for me) in my peanut butter addiction received a jar of peanut butter. They couldn't be more happy for their new products, and I couldn't be more happy to say farewell! Simply mention in conversation (when you're on the topic) that you have some of [blank] that you'd be happy to give them!
Following suit (pun intended)... this weekend, friends and I got together for our periodic Game Night - Poker Edition. With the remnants of the baking contest ingredients I had in the pantry, I made another batch of key lime cupcakes. It was perfectly fitting too because the host's birthday was a few days ago. I halved the recipe because I made mini cupcakes, instead of standard sized, because I didn't want to have a TON of bite-size cupcakes leftover.

They were a huge hit, and I am now out of key lime juice and sugar. Woo hoo! I brought pistachios and unsweetened carob almonds, so I could join in on the munching too. I'm taking the leftover cupcakes to class this afternoon to make even more happy friends.

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