February 11, 2014

Quick, Realistic Workouts

Feeling lazy because you couldn't make it to the gym today and don't want to go to bed without doing anything active? Here are a few mini workouts that only require you, yourself, and you. Do these before you hop in the shower and feel like you've done something for the day. Try not to stop for breaks - it'll keep your heart-rate up!

Source: theberry.com via Google
Little Bit of Everything:
50 jumping jacks*
10 push-ups
1 minute wall-sit
50 jumping jacks*
10 push-ups
15 sit-ups (Stretch your legs out, cross your ankles and lay down. Put your hands straight up and then sit all the way up, reaching to the ceiling with your hands.)
1 minute plank

*For a more intense adaption, finish every 5th jumping jack with a squat.

Fun Fact: 1,000 jumping jacks burns the calories of 1 pound.

Just Abs:
20 crunches
20 oblique rows (Sit in Boat position (yoga pose) with your knees bent. Interlace your fingers in front of you and rotate your obliques, tapping your hands to the floor on your right and left.)
10 sit-ups (Use directions above.)
20 oblique rows
20 crunches
1:30 minute plank

Planks are a great exercise to do in your room before you shower or go to sleep. If you do a plank every night, increasing your time about every 4 days, you'll be amazed how quickly 2:00 becomes easy.

Robin's Sweet Confessions  also has great mini-workout videos, if you need the motivation of someone else telling you what to do!

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