February 14, 2014

Sisters' Valentine's Lunch

Happy Valentine's Day!

I just updated the Outback post to include orders from lunch with my sister! I'm sure you guessed this - I had a coupon. ;) The best part of the meal was inspiring our waitress to start paleo. She said she tried it before and stopped after about two weeks. We told her that we honestly are not extremists about health-food, nor did we grow up with parents focused on eating well. But, we have noticed SO many differences in our bodies, minds, and lives since starting. Welcome to paleo, Alyssa!

Afterwards, I treated myself to some goodies at WholeFoods... Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice, unsweetened carob almonds (bulk) and dark chocolate (70% and 77%, BOGO). You have my heart, WholeFoods. My sister and I joked in the car about how different our ideas of treats are from a year ago when Valentine's Day would have a called for a Digiorno pizza and two pints of Ben & Jerry's. Really, I don't miss those days at all. Here's to a healthy, yet so yummy, lifestyle!

And for dinner, I ordered sweet potato fries again and had those with a piece of coconut chicken leftover from last night with homemade ketchup.  Let me tell you, having paleo ketchup in the house is AWESOME! Two times on the sweet potato fries isn't a habit yet, right?

Outback Steakhouse Menu

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