February 16, 2014

Ted's Montana Grill

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I remembered last night that my roommate's mom took us and a few friends to Ted's when she was in town, just in the beginning of my paleo journey. My order: Big Sky Grilled salad with a Bison Burger, no cheese, no croutons & dressing on the side. Places like Ted's are fairly easy to find something to order because it's all based around meat. You could also order a burger (beef or bison) with the fresh toppings without a bun, a steak (beef or bison), cedar-plank salmon or salt-and-pepper trout. You could ask what they use to crust the Pecan-Crusted Trout, but I'm sure they use some sort of breadcrumbs. Ted's is a great place for a nice meal, and it's different from other steak places because you can get bison or beef for every menu option. I also learned that bison is very healthy; very low fat and high protein.

Ted's Montana Grill Menu

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