February 16, 2014

The Egg (Breakfast place)

A friend showed me a beautiful trail last week, and it is now our Sunday morning tradition to get up and out there before 8:00 and run the equivalent of a 5K. Is it weird that I get excited to wake up super early on Sunday's? The feeling of the fresh air with the morning sun beating down on you as you run through nature is the perfect way to start the day and end the weekend. This morning dew was still frozen this morning.

After our run today, we went to The Egg for an awesome post-run breakfast. My order: Countryside Scrambler (eggs, ham, bacon, onions & mushrooms), no cheese with fresh fruit instead of potatoes and no English muffin. I was so impressed by their fresh fruit selection! You never see kiwi or grapes on a plate at a restaurant. My sister ordered The Farm House (eggs, ham and scallions), no cheese with fresh fruit instead of potatoes. She ordered the muffin to bring to her roommate.
Countryside Scrambler
The Farm House

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