February 3, 2014

WholeFoods Cafe

After reading several articles pre-paleo about how horrible WholeFoods was, I was a little skeptical about the experience I would have. Let me put those to rest now... WholeFoods is heaven on earth. If you shop smart, it isn't super expensive and you can walk out still within your budget. Granted, I haven't done all of my shopping there yet and usually split it up between WholeFoods and Publix, but they have so many products that no other stores have. They also have a great dried fruit selection which you can buy pre-packaged or by bulk.

Their Juice Bar is to die for. The first time I went I had a smoothie with kale, spinach, apple and pineapple. It was gone in about 10 minutes. Yesterday I had a chai latte which I'm not convinced is completely paleo because they use a chai concentrate, and I'm not sure what exactly is in that. But, I can almost guarantee it's better than Starbucks, and they have almond milk!

We ate lunch in the cafe before shopping, and I'm hesitant because of my love for Jason's Deli, but I think the WholeFoods cafe is my new favorite place. Their selection is huge, and there are so many paleo options! Granted, they have a ton of non-paleo things that look great, but my lunch was very satisfying.

I had a piece of grilled zucchini, salad (spring mix, red peppers, cucumbers, carrots, balsamic vinaigrette), tuna salad (tuna, mayo, carrots), chicken poppyseed salad (chicken, mayo, poppyseeds, grapes) and a piece of cantaloupe. My sister had one of the smoked chicken quarters. All of it was great! And, it makes selection easy because they list the ingredients on everything. It is priced by weight, so mine was 1.07 lbs and was just under $9.00. You go, WholeFoods cafe!

Other paleo selections I remember:
  • grilled yellow squash
  • chicken wings (ton of variety)
  • pineapple
  • honeydew

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