March 11, 2014

Alternative Spring Break (Mexican food)

I was lucky enough to be selected to participate in an Alternative Spring Break (Road Trip) program through school. We went to Immokalee, Florida for 5 days and helped migrant farm-workers and their families with their medical and legal/immigration needs.

Mexican food is hard to do paleo, but I learned on this trip that it's possible. There is a TON of information from this trip, so I've posted each restaurant separately, so they're easily accessible (links included here). Then, I wrote about meals that weren't at restaurants below.

Cake Batter Chocolate Chip Cookies
As a fundraiser for the trip, we had a bake sale... perfect opportunity to WIPE OUT the pantry. Did you know you can substitute powdered sugar for granulated sugar at a rate of 1.25 per 1 cup? Awesome news because I refuse to BUY sugar.

Update: Here is my reflection on this trip as a whole. From My Paleo Perspective For us paleos, fresh produce is extremely important. To have the perspective of where it all comes from and who is providing it to our stores really sets into place how lucky we are to be able to maintain this diet with so many health benefits.

We stopped at Jason's Deli to have dinner on the way down and then made a late-night Starbucks stop - I had a green tea with 1 pack of honey. 
  • Saturday's breakfast consisted of a banana and a Larabar from my stash. Everyone got food from Dunkin Donuts... I ordered a green tea.
  • Saturday's lunch: Subway
  • Saturday's dinner: homemade Cuban dinner at a program administrator's house. The food was wonderful. I didn't eat rice or beans and ended up eating picadillo (ground beef and olives, basically) with salad and plantains.
    • I am newly obsessed with plantains. I plan on cooking with them in the near future. Stay tuned!
  • Sunday breakfast: 2 hard-boiled eggs (Road Trip), 1/2 banana & Jason's Deli trail mix
  • Sunday lunch: Mexican Food; Chicken Enchiladas - I  unrolled the enchiladas and ate the chicken from the inside... free of sour cream and cheese. It was perfect because my vegetarian friend ate the rice and beans.
  • Sunday dinner (Cookout): 2 beef hotdogs w/o buns w/ ketchup & mustard & almonds (from my stash)
  • Monday breakfast:
    • Larabar at 5:30am before a meeting with farm workers before they went to work
    • Apple, dried mango, dark chocolate (from my stash) & hard-boiled eggs  around 10:00
  • Monday lunch: Wendy's
    • Monday snack: almonds (from my stash), watermelon & grape tomatoes
      • They brought us grape tomatoes fresh from a farm... They were so good.
  • Monday dinner: Mexican Food at Mr. Taco
    • Originally I ordered 1 steak taco and 2 chicken tacos, of which I planned to eat the filling without the tortillas. With 31 people in this little shop, the food came out sporadically, and they actually never got the chicken taco recipe. So, I ended up eating my 1 steak taco - OK, I ate the corn tortilla... mistake because I was obsessed with them going forward.
    • And we made a late order for Surf & Turf fajitas... Tip #16: Order fajitas at Mexican restaurants. It was all paleo (chicken and shrimp, onions and green peppers) and OMG, so good. Jeff (paleo professor) and I wanted to make sure it's clear that fajitas are the way to go because we both originally ordered tacos and then changed our orders when we saw the fajitas come out for someone else.
  • Tuesday breakfast:
  • Huevos con Chorizo y avocado
    • 1 hard-boiled egg pre-run
    • Post-run hard-boiled egg & dried pineapple
    • Mexican food breakfast: Huevos con Chorizo y avocado (Eggs with Mexican sausage and avocado) - This was AMAZING! I have to tell on myself for eating 3 1/2 corn tortillas with breakfast, but my intentions were all good. I ordered the meal without rice and beans. I can't even explain how good the Mexican food in this town was. I refuse to eat Mexican food again until we go back.
Getting home, all I want is to do bare-bones paleo to detox. I love the comfort in knowing I am healthy and know how to stay that way, even if I shoved my face with too much food for 4 days straight. For dinner, I made a chicken breast with 1 garlic clove, paprika & cayenne and steamed broccoli.

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