March 28, 2014

Andrew's Capital Grill & Bar

Behold my guilty pleasure: Sweet Potato Fries


I seriously talk about them so much that my mom requested to try them while she's in town. We all ordered the same thing, and I brought along the mason jar of Homemade Ketchup (Recipe Book) to enjoy with dinner. Tip #20: Bring paleo condiments with you to a restaurant. The waiter actually tried the ketchup and thought it was great. Our order: Tallahassee Sassy Burger without cheese, no bun, sauce on the side with Sweet Potato Waffle Fries; Yummyyyyy!

The Sassy sauce actually isn't too bad, so feel free to dip your fork in it for some added flavor to your bite. To make you feel better, Mom could see why I'm so obsessed with these sweet potato fries... so it's not just me. Other paleo options: Classic Burger, Salads without cheese, Lettuce Wraps, Wings

4/7/2014 Update: I went to Andrew's for lunch with a friend today and had the "Jeb" burger without the bun and no cheese. It is a blackened burger topped with mushrooms and caramelized onions. I had a side salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette on the side. Then, my friend and I split a side of sweet potato fries. We originally ordered without them but then couldn't go without them.

Andrew's Menu

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