March 14, 2014

Another Perspective on Paleo

Due to my travel this week, there will not be a Fruitbowl Friday. I know, I'm upset too. Don't worry, though... Next week should make up for it. Instead, I wanted to share a wonderful friend's recent post about paleo for another perspective on the lifestyle and its effects. 

Gabi's recent post is about her paleo journey and the realistic, relatable truths about starting and going paleo. It may seem like it's easy for me, but paleo takes work and dedication. Plus, I can choose what I share and don't share on here, and I try to shield you from the disasters that I sometimes find are my kitchen. ;)

ANYONE can successfully "go paleo" at ANY TIME and see SUCCESS and RESULTS. All it takes is dedication. Please, please, please let me know if there's anything I can do to help you start your paleo journey.

Update: Here is another post Gabi wrote about paleo.

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