March 1, 2014

Atomic Coffee (local coffee shop)

I'm not kidding when I say I never drink coffee. Although, I drink it more occasionally now, since law school, than I ever did in undergrad. Yesterday, as the last hour of Mock Trial Tryout practice wore down, I was getting more and more exhausted. And, my tryout was in less than an hour. Weird, but all I wanted was coffee. In a desperate attempt to get my fix and not waste precious practice time, I texted a friend.

Let me tell you. This girl is an angel. In a matter of 20 minutes, we had two cups of coffee delivered to the law school to fuel our practices and tryouts. Yes... that's my friend vigorously practicing and proving his point in the background.

My order: Small coffee with "a lot" of almond milk, cinnamon & tiny amount of honey. Starbucks is slowly losing my impulse business due to their lack of almond milk. This coffee was great, and it did its job. Although, I'm not sure it was my best idea, considering how jittery I was... My body is not used to caffeine. And, I hadn't eaten.

I've come to find that local coffee shops carry almond milk more frequently than big chains. They seem to be more "in" with the modern health-food movements. Go local!

3/25/2014 Update: My sister went to Atomic for the first time tonight. She ordered Mint Coffee with Honey and Almond Milk and said it's AMAZING. On that note, I've been to Atomic a few times since this post and have discovered their Tropical Green Tea.... best stuff ever! It doesn't even need honey, although that makes it even better.

4/1/2014 Update: I tried the Mint Coffee with Honey & Almond Milk this weekend. It's probably the best iced coffee I've ever had. Also, an awesome paleo treat is their chocolate-covered bacon which I plan on trying to re-create in the near future!

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