March 27, 2014


Going along with the Fro Yo post, you would never think there would be a suitable paleo option at a place like "Bagel Heads." Really, there is. And, there are plenty. I actually chose this for lunch with a friend yesterday. They have a great salad menu! My order: Anti Pasto without cheese, add cucumbers with Balsamic Vinaigrette. Actually, the fact that I ordered this freaked me out because I used to hate black olives with a passion and have deliberately avoided them at all costs for (basically) my whole life.

I think I need to accept that this lifestyle has changed me in several ways - some more significant than others... The significance of this change being debatable. Anyway, this salad was great. After lunch, I stopped into New Leaf Market to check it out. It seems to be great! And, they have a juice bar which proved to be up to par with my carrot, kale & pineapple juice. Their hot bar and prepared foods looked wonderful - I'd say comparable to WholeFoods. Go local!

Bonus: BagelHeads has almond milk for those of you who go for breakfast or would like a coffee/latte with lunch.

I just heard that BagelHeads is closing. I'm not sure of the accuracy or timing of this. If you're around, head to BagelHeads before it's gone!

BagelHeads Menu

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