March 11, 2014

Group Support

One of the best things of my paleo experience has been having the support a group of us who are all committed and dedicated to staying paleo and working out. We have a Facebook group where we post about daily meals - successes or fails - motivation, struggles, etc. I also started a spreadsheet on Google Docs/Drive that is shared with everyone for them to track their weight loss success.
Skeleton Version of our "Paleo Tracker" spreadsheet (formulas at bottom)
It is great to see your friends' and family's success and to motivate each other. We also have a Pinterest board to which we can all add pins, which makes for a HUGE collaborative collection of paleo recipes.

If you and a few friends/family members have been considering paleo but haven't committed or need that extra push, try using these resources available to you to facilitate group support!

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