March 12, 2014

Health Benefits of Paleo

I've said several times how great you feel being paleo. But, it goes much deeper than that. This weekend I saw the true health effects of being paleo and working out. There were a few instances where I perplexed med students, doctors and nurses alike. At one point, a med student couldn't hear my heart beat. Then, I had a med student check my blood pressure and pulse during some down time just to see what it was. My blood pressure was very low, and she could barely hear my pulse. I was actually excited because I know that a low resting heart rate is a sign of great cardiac strength and health. So, I wasn't really worried. 

Then, a friend and I decided to donate blood for the first time. This was huge for me because I've been terrified of giving blood since I've been old enough to do so. Something about being in Immokalee and on an Alternative Spring Break inspired me to take the plunge. The results of the pre-screening tests were nothing short of exciting. My iron was great, blood pressure low, and pulse was 46. Unfortunately, though, it was too low. 

Apparently, there is a general standard that one's pulse must be at least 50 for them to take their blood. They tried again a  few minutes later, and it was still under 50. So, basically, I'm either dead or super healthy. I'm going to go with the latter option. The nurse that did my screening was upset they wouldn't let me donate because he knew I work out 5x per week which is what caused my pulse to be so low.

All of that is to say that I saw true results on that blood bus from being paleo and making lifestyle changes. It was so rewarding to have the affirmation that my lifestyle changes are significantly improving my health. If that's not motivation to go paleo, stay paleo or be dedicated to paleo, I don't know what is! Without paleo, I wouldn't have the energy, motivation or ability to do the workouts I've been doing. Without paleo, I wouldn't be certain that my body is getting the nutrients it needs from natural sources of food and energy. And, without paleo, I would question whether or not my diet/habits were positive for my health.
By the way, I have the best roommate ever. He picked up 4 pounds of raw honey from "Grandpa Paul" on the side of the road this weekend on his trip back from the beach. Not only is raw/local honey super-paleo and healthy, it also helps with allergies. I am so excited to try each flavor!
And, my first Lexis Rewards purchase came in while I was away - a Le Creuset loaf pan. I can't wait to try it out. My aunt says you can't turn back once you've gotten your first Le Creu piece. Also part of the honey purchase was this Creamed Honey. Apparently it's spreadable honey that you can use as butter. I can taste the fresh paleo bread and creamed honey just looking at this.

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