March 13, 2014

Mikey's Grill

Yesterday I had lunch with my old boss who is now one of my greatest mentors. We walked from his office to grab something to eat and were headed towards Chipotle but ended up at Mikey's Grill next door. I had never been to, or even noticed, Mikey's Grill but was excited to try something new. The menu was very paleo-friendly, being mostly grilled proteins on buns which can easily be removed. They also had salads to which you could add grilled chicken. When I went to order, I asked the woman if I should get the Asian Crunch salad (I would order it without the crunchy Asian noodles.) with grilled chicken or the Daily Special: Sausage with grilled peppers, onions & mustard. She said my boss just ordered the salad, so I should go for the sausage. I thought it was funny I almost ordered the same exact thing. So, I took her advice. My order: Sausage without the bun with mustard, onions/peppers, mushrooms & romaine lettuce. The lettuce was a last-minute addition, and I was so happy I did! It was set-up like most other fast-food, semi-healthy places with veggies in an assembly line. And, I saw my bowl going down the line right near the lettuce and asked her to add some to it. I ended up with a sausage salad, basically. It was wonderful! I would definitely order this again (if I end up there on another Wednesday). Otherwise, I would get the salad or a burger without a bun.

Mikey's Grill Menu

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