March 3, 2014

Muscle Maker Grill

As if the name of this place wasn't "meat head"-ish enough... Get this. My workout schedule lately has been:
  • Sunday: trail run
  • Monday: spin class
  • Tuesday: stadiums
  • Wednesday: swim
  • Thursday: weights
  • Off for the rest of the week. 
Last week, for some reason, a friend and I planned to meet at the gym on Saturday to max out on squats and then swim. So, I got to the gym earlier than our scheduled meeting at 4:30 (because I start to freak out if I'm even on time which makes me obsessively early), and my friend ended up being late. So... I was aimlessly wandering the lobby area of the gym for about 35 minutes.

Within those 35 minutes, I decided to stretch where no one stretches. (Remember, I have been going to this gym for 3.5 years now, so I'm quite familiar with it.) As I'm stretching, probably looking like a fish out of water, a guy from the Fitness counter comes up to me and says "Would you like to do a free personal training session?" Apparently I looked so lost that he thought I needed help learning how to workout...

Anyways, he ended up "assisting" us with squats because he needed a client, and we obliged. Ends up, we went to lunch today at Muscle Maker Grill. I actually have been wanting to go here but felt too much like a boy to ask a friend to go with me. So fitting that I asked the Personal Trainer who helped me max on squats to go here, right? But, what a cool concept for a lunch place!
My order: Mardi Gras Cajun Grilled Chicken Salad (grilled chicken, turkey bacon, romaine with salsa dressing); Most of their salads can be paleo-friendly. They have several gluten-free salad dressings. Although, I have to say it was semi-overpriced.

Oh, and I ran in between class and lunch and ate a hard-boiled egg in class before the run... Seriously I'd be the guy whose arms don't touch his sides anymore if I was a guy. I'm pretty sure I was one of only two girls in this place. Obviously, conversation included protein powder, PRs, weights, and workouts. :)

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