March 24, 2014

Who ever said bread isn't paleo?

In today's world, bread has become a staple to every meal. Some people rely on bread for their morning breakfast of toast and jelly. Others rely on it to make their ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. And almost anywhere you go for dinner, it is automatically brought to your table as a pre-dinner fill-me-up.
Paleo [Almond Butter] Bread
I really thought I would miss this everyday staple when I started paleo. But, looking back on the past 3 months, I think it probably misses me more than I miss it. To that end, it is fun to find paleo hacks that substitute bread's traditional position.

Yes, we know that the cavemen didn't have almond or coconut flour, but who says we shouldn't be able to have a little fun with a mixer and loaf pan, too?
Paleo Sandwich Bread with Blackberry Chia Seed Jam

Paleo [Almond Butter] Bread (pictured above)
When making this bread, don't freak out if you get half-way through and cannot imagine the end product being anywhere near "pourable." Once you get all of the egg-whites in, it will be. I was worried, but I was proven wrong. It gave me a pretty squatty loaf. However, it was great toasted with Homemade Strawberry Jam!

Paleo Sandwich Bread
This bread is more of a sandwich loaf than the Paleo [Almond Butter] Bread above. I used almond butter instead of cashew butter because I didn't have cashew butter which is why it didn't come out white.

Garlic Rolls with Roasted Red Pepper Cauliflower Soup

Paleo Garlic Bread/Rolls
My mom says this is great with red wine. I made it into rolls tonight with Roasted Red Pepper Cauliflower Soup. My sister LOVED them and asked me to make them with every meal. They really are good. I think it'd be better if the garlic was pressed, rather than chopped. Be creative with the spices!

3/25/2014 Update: Tonight I made the garlic bread again... told you she loved it. I used EVOO and pressed the garlic and shaped it into a loaf which I then cut into "breadsticks." Not kidding, my kitchen smelled like an Italian restaurant. It was glorious! This batch came out so moist. 

Muffins (discussed in Recipe Book):
Fresh Peach Paleo Muffins
Strawberry Paleo Muffins 
Paleo Blackberry Muffins  
Almond Butter Muffins

4/15/2014 Update: Paleo Biscuits
These biscuits did not turn out as I hoped; although they taste great. I think a part of the issue is my almond flour. I used almond flour which seems to be different than the good quality Bob's Red Mill almond flour... same thing with Trader Joe's almond flour, specifically when it comes to baking. Either way, I had to add extra almond (~1/4 cup) and coconut flour (~1 tbsp.) to get the dough to even be semi-stationary when poured onto the pan. Rolling it into balls was not an option. They will be made into breakfast sandwiches.

Other recipes I haven't tried yet:
Coconut Flour BreadThe reviews for this recipe don't look so great. Let me know if you try it!
Paleo Cornbread Minus the Corn - This would be great with chili!
Sweet Potato Bread
Paleo Pecan Banana Bread

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