April 19, 2014

5K, Volume 2

Earlier this semester, I, along with a few other students, organized an event benefiting the local Ronald McDonald House where we collected home-goods donations and hosted a donation celebration brunch at the House. Leftover food from the brunch was then taken to the hospital and given to patients and their families. I was blown away by the facility RMH provides to families going through such a tough time. The RMH in town is BEAUTIFUL, and the staff is nothing but nice. So when I saw information about this race benefiting the RMH, I immediately wanted to do it. A friend of mine so graciously agreed to run it with me because I was otherwise going to do it solo.

This time I could wear my running shoes because they weren't throwing colored powder all over us. It made a huge difference - my calves weren't burning after 3 minutes. I got up at 6:00 and had a cup of green tea and a banana. My calves have decided to cramp almost every night lately. Does anyone have an explanation for this? Then, around 7:15 I had two scrambled eggs with three pieces of turkey bacon - need. protein. The race started at 8:30.

I ran it with a friend of mine, and it was his first ever 5K! Still, his time was better than mine. Anyone ever noticed how guys can just roll out of bed and run like it's no big deal, regardless of not running in an extended period of time? I'm jealous. But, I cut 1:30 off of my time from the last one - Yay! This was a really cool event. We ran at least the first half without stopping and then took a few breaks on the latter half. Once we got to the final straightaway, we sprinted. I'm hoping to run a 5K without stopping soon.

They had a ton of fresh fruit for us after the race. I may or may not have ended up bringing home 5 bananas... and an orange. They also had sandwiches; and, even though a part of me wanted one, I'm too scared to eat gluten. So, I ate [a ton of] fruit and came home and made sweet potato hash (Recipe Book) with sausage and maple syrup. Yum!
They even gave us medals!
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