April 1, 2014

Catalina Cafe (local coffee shop)

Tip #21: Don't assume the "outside" world is paleo. That sounds obvious, but after being paleo for a while it's easy to get into the mindset that everything you're ordering is naturally paleo. Because everything should be, right? It's the way to go.

I was brought back down to earth today when I was ordering at a local coffee shop where I was meeting someone to whom I was just introduced, i.e., a blind coffee date. You all probably think I'm lying when I say I usually don't drink coffee. But, I swear it's true. It's just been sneaking into my life more often since law school started. Correlation? I'll leave that up to interpretation... I'm thinking Nana may be right, and I should just take up cooking and baking. This semester is kicking my butt!

Anyway, I looked up the menu before I went (Tip #3) and saw the Nutty Natalie which is a Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut Latte... sounds paleo, right? We can have dark chocolate, and we can definitely have hazelnut. Wrong. I realized when I walked up to the counter to order that these wonderful "natural" flavors are in the form of chemically-comprised syrups. Boo! Hard lesson to learn: Remember not everyone thinks about where their food/flavor comes from. Just because it sounds paleo doesn't mean it is. I ordered it anyway, sugar-free, (partly for purposes of this post and partly because I hadn't eaten lunch and it sounded good) and my stomach is paying for it. Not only that, but it just didn't taste good. Stick with purity at coffee shops with coffee and almond milk and NATURAL flavoring, i.e., extracts or teas and honey or cinnamon for sweetener.

On the bright side: This could spawn a great recipe if you're creative with coffee. I like the flavor combination idea!

Catalina Cafe Menu

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