April 6, 2014

Conquered: 5K

My sister and I ran our first 5K this morning and had so much fun! It was a color run benefiting Pinwheels for Prevention which works to prevent child abuse. This cause is really close to both of our hearts after childhood experiences of our own with child abuse. Our goal was to run the entire thing, but that proved to be difficult with hills and considering my sister didn't get much sleep the night before because she had a friend visiting this weekend. Though, finishing the race is the most important. Set a reasonable goal for yourself, and you'll be surprised when you beat it. If you are or have considered starting to run, this page has a few tips I've used. :)
The race started at noon, so I had to strategically eat all morning. I got up early (around 6:30) to study and ate a banana to get some potassium flowing and drank a cup of green tea. I usually don't eat a full banana because of the sugar content but I figured I'd burn it off during the run.

And, this may be a little weird but my substantial breakfast (around 8:30) was a Turkey Spinach Burger (which turned out a lot better than yesterday's) topped with a fried egg and 1/2 of an avocado with Homemade Ketchup (Recipe Book). This is part creativity and part use-what's-in-the-fridge-before-it-goes-bad. But, it was actually really good. I also drank a glass of fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice. This morning, I juiced 3 grapefruits and added the juice of 1 orange as well. I think it made a huge difference!

After the race they had Tropical Smoothie turkey wraps and smoothies. I ate the turkey, tomato and lettuce out of the wrap and drank a smoothie. It was just what I needed!

Then I went to a cookout for a friend's birthday and stuffed my face with protein... 1) Burger patty wrapped in lettuce leaves with 2 pieces of bacon and grilled onion 2) Grilled pineapple 3) Bratwurst wrapped in lettuce with mustard
I'm convinced that anything fresh on the grill is wonderful. Everything was amazing!!!! And, yes, I showed up covered in color powder. I didn't have time to shower or change.

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