April 4, 2014

Fruitbowl Friday (Living off the Freezer)

With the semester (and therefore funds) wearing down, and after the insane amount of groceries we bought and used this weekend, my sister and I vowed to "live off of the freezer" this week. Regardless of your fiscal position, I highly recommend doing this every once in a while. Tip #22: Use what's in your kitchen in order to keep the your ingredients fresh. You'll be surprised how far you'll get and how much you actually have. And, it allows you to get stuff out and cycle in newer and fresher stuff. Plus... you'll have extra spending money because you didn't buy groceries! :) Trip to the mall, anyone? 

Don't consider this post a scam. The fruitbowl is pre-Weekend. But, hey - it's applicable because we're still living on it.

    • I used almond butter instead of cashew butter which, I think, is why my loaf isn't white. This bread is more like a regular loaf of bread than last week's recipe and toasts really well!
    • Tip #20: Read the reviews of recipes found online. I actually planned on making a different recipe this week but, triggered by being 1 egg too short, I started looking for other recipes. The more I read about my original recipe, the happier I was to not have enough eggs. So, I ended up with this recipe in the oven. The bottom ended up being pretty moist - almost like it soaked all the moisture up, but it evened out once it sat on a rack for about 20 minutes.
    • The jam is really simple to make and has wonderful flavor. Plus, the health benefits packed in with the chia seeds are plenty.
  • Monday & Tuesday lunch: Leftover Chicken Pot Pie* from Sunday night
  • Monday dinner: Leftover Chicken Pot Pie* from Sunday night; Dessert: 1/2 Banana with sunflower butter, honey & sliced almonds
    • Yes, we ate the same thing for lunch and dinner in one day. It's really good leftover! I had a paper due Tuesday afternoon, so really - the less planning/thought dinner took, the best. I just put the leftovers into a small casserole dish and heated it in the oven at 375 for 20-25 minutes, stirring half-way through.
    • Dessert is an easy sweet treat that takes about 3 seconds to make and will satisfy a sweet tooth. Next time I make it, I'll post a picture.
  • Tuesday dinner: Roasted Red Pepper Cauliflower Soup * (from the freezer) with Garlic Rolls+; Dessert: Paleo Chocolate Chunk Cookies & Strawberry Almond Milk
    • The soup was just as good as the first time! And, once again, the rolls were amazing. The better the olive oil, the better this recipe turns out!
    • We used 90% dark chocolate for the cookies which made them less sweet than usual; but, they were still yummy, especially with the Strawberry Almond Milk which was my concoction from a cup of thawed strawberries that was siting in the refrigerator. I had planned to make salad dressing with them until I realized we were out of lettuce. So, I mixed the thawed strawberries with all of their juices with 3 cups Original Unsweetened Almond Milk in the blender and split it among three of us. 
    • On a side note, I didn't like this cookie recipe as much as I like the cookie recipe in the Recipe Book. I used this one, though, because it uses less almond flour and I didn't want to have a ton of cookies. 
  • Wednesday dinner: Bacon-Wrapped Chicken Tenders with Honey Mustard & Roasted Brussel Sprouts & Garlic Cloves*
    Wednesday dinner
    • I used Dijon mustard instead of the Prepared Ground Mustard because I didn't have the latter. This recipe is really easy and really good! I used 4 chicken tenders & 6 pieces of bacon; so, two tenders were double-wrapped. They didn't need any extra sauce which surprised me.
    • For the veggies, I added peeled garlic cloves to the Roasted Brussel Sprouts recipe from the Recipe Book
  • Thursday lunch: Turkey Meatballs* with leftover Roasted Brussel Sprouts* & Homemade Ketchup (Recipe Book)
    • Told you I'd be making turkey meatballs soon. (Cooking with Chancey) I used basically what I had on hand (Don't throw anything away.) I used 1 large clove garlic (pressed), tomato paste (I had 1/2 can left in the refrigerator) to hold it together, Italian Seasoning, sea salt & pepper
  • Thursday dinner: Kool Beanz Cafe
  • Friday lunch: Turkey Meatballs*+ with Salad*+ (lettuce, avocado & sliced almonds)
*Recipes that can be packed and taken to work/school
+Recipes that can be made ahead

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