April 18, 2014

Fruitbowl Friday

This seems to be a very monochromatic fruitbowl... Maybe I should have put an avocado or two at the top for some green.
  • Sunday breakfast: Maple Scrambled Eggs & Sausage Stuffed Sweet Potatoes
    • Click the link or visit the Recipe Book for the recipe.
  • Sunday lunch: Tuna with Avocado, Hard-Boiled Egg, Pickle & Celery Sticks*+
    • New post coming soon on quick and easy meals like this one!
  • Sunday dinner - Thursday breakfast: Featured Ingredient: Ham
    • I stretched one 5lb. ham into 9 meals for 2 people! Click the link for info on the meals I made.
  • Tuesday dinner: Shredded BBQ Chicken with Mashed Sweet Potatoes (Recipe Book) and Broccoli & Cauliflower
    • I didn't have that much BBQ sauce (Products page) left in the jar, but I did have Homemade Ketchup (Recipe Book) which is basically the start of barbecue sauce. So, I whisked the Homemade Ketchup, BBQ sauce, ~1/2 cup water, 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar, onion powder and paprika together to make the BBQ sauce I had go even further.
    • Then, I put two [large] chicken breasts in the crock pot, covered them with BBQ sauce and set them on low for about 6 hours. When it was time for dinner, I shredded the breasts with two forks and stirred the chicken with the sauce while I finished the sides. If you have too much sauce, scoop it out into a container and put on the side in case anyone wants extra. Then, keep it for later!
  • Wednesday lunch: Leftover Shredded BBQ Chicken with leftover vegetables
  • Wednesday dinner: Chipotle
  • Thursday lunch: Chicken Breast with Salsa, Plantain Chips (Trader Joe's) & Guacamole*+ (Recipe Book)
    • Post coming soon on this meal and other quick, easy & filling meals!
*Recipes that can be packed and taken to work/school
+Recipes that can be made ahead

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