April 25, 2014

Fruitbowl Friday

Lots of bananas this week, but most of them ended up in the freezer for smoothies or banana bread in the future. I apologize now because this week was one of the most boring weeks, and I'm not sure that next week will be much better. Don't blame me. Finals made me do it.
  • Saturday dinner: Zesty Grilled Tilapia with Sauteed Zucchini and Mushrooms
  • [Easter] Sunday - tons of yummy recipes!
  • Monday breakfast: Steak (leftovers) w/ a poached egg
  • Monday lunch: Coconut Chicken Tenders and Green Beans - Click the link for several quick, easy & nutritious recipes, including this lunch recipe.
  • Tuesday & Thursday breakfast: Nuts.com Coconut Kale Granola with Coconut Milk, Almonds & Raisins
    • Post on paleo cereal alternatives coming soon!
  • Tuesday dinner: Sausage & leftover veggies with a fried egg
    • I got home late and hadn't eaten, so I quickly threw this together. Not too bad!
    • Wednesday breakfast: Scrambled Eggs & Sausage
  • Wednesday lunch: Grilled Zucchini, Green Beans & Tuna Salad Salad 
    • Tuna Salad on salad is one of my current favorite things. Just plop as much tuna salad as you want over a bed of lettuce. You don't even need dressing! I didn't have an avocado so I mixed a can of tuna with dijon mustard, mayonnaise and chopped celery. Other optional additions could include raisins, hard-boiled egg, carrots, dill pickles, red/white onion
  • Wednesday & Thursday dinner: Paleo Ham Bone Soup with Side Salad; Dessert: Coconut Chocolate Nut Clusters
  • Thursday lunch: Tuna Salad Salad & Leftover Ham Bone Soup
  • Thursday dinner: Salad with leftover Ham Bone Soup... I'm realizing that I had more protein at lunch than at dinner. That seems backwards.
  • Friday breakfast: Scrambled Eggs with Chicken Sausage
    • This is my first go with chicken sausage. It was on sale this week, so I figured I'd give it a shot. It was really good! Although, my tummy hurts now and I'm not sure if it's the culprit.

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