April 24, 2014

Ham Bone Soup (Paleo & Whole 30)

I always thought my Nana was so gross for saving the ham bone and then making soup with it. Now, here I am, 10 years later, making ham bone soup... the last (8th) meal from the everlasting 5lb. ham! See the "Featured Ingredient: Ham" post for information on the other meals. This Paleo Ham Bone Soup uses all fresh ingredients and is fairly simple, if you consider chopping veggies simple. I love using my new Henckel knives which were a birthday present, so I consider that part fun. :)

I used the sweet potato substitute option. It was good, and I loved the freshness of the flavors. And, it was surprisingly filling. However, it was sort of bland. I sprinkled my bowl with sea salt, pepper & garlic powder which made a big difference. Doesn't garlic make everything better? Therefore, if I make this again, I'll probably add 2 or 3 minced cloves of garlic.

Also, make sure your crock pot is large enough. If not, put everything in a large pot and bring to a slow boil, stirring occasionally. If your crock pot is too small, the sweet potato and cauliflower won't get enough heat to soften. On that note, put the cauliflower and sweet potato on the bottom because they're the heavier and firmer veggies that need more moisture. I felt really clean eating this... yay!
4/24/2014 Update: This soup is just like chili... so much better leftover! It doesn't even need the extra garlic powder the next day. And, it is so filling!

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