April 1, 2014

Trader Joe's

Happy April!

Trader Joe's is like Forever XXI to me... too much disorganization for me to enjoy it. Anxiety starts kicking in, and the chances of finding something great and inexpensive are all of a sudden outweighed by my distress. There must be a correlation between low prices and disorganization because they're paying less wages because no one has to organize products in any reasonable fashion, or something.

Source: www.traderjoes.com
I usually avoid it, but so many people say so many wonderful things. And, whenever I try something that someone else has gotten there, I love it. This weekend, I went with my mom and actually walked out satisfied with what we found. Anxiety was minimal, too! I think the restrictions of paleo helped because there were really only two aisles from which I could select. Here are some paleo options we found:
  • plantain chips
    • These are the most wonderful things known to man. OK, I may be exaggerating... but you gotta try 'em! They're great with guacamole (Recipe Book) or salsa.
  • eggs (low price)
  • almond butter
    • This is not nearly as good as the kind I usually buy from Publix; although a loaf pan and the oven don't know the difference.
  • almond meal/flour (low price) - I'm not sure, but this may be part of the reason why my Chicken Pot Pie crust failed. This seems to be drier than usual.
  • cashew meal - part of the waffle recipe from Sunday's Brunch
  • vanilla extract
  • olive oil (low price)
  • produce
  • extra thick coconut cream ($1.29) - used for Whipped Coconut Cream from Sunday's Brunch
  • light coconut milk ($0.99)

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