May 28, 2014

Business Lunches

Ever experience[d] that split second where you dread going to a lunch meeting or lunch with a co-worker because you have no idea what you'll order because either a) the place they picked will be a challenge or b) what you want to order is in no way going to let you eat it politely? The main problem is we paleos LOVE salads, and they seem to be one of the most difficult dishes to eat politely. It seems like a straggling piece of lettuce always seems to make its way onto my fork but not all the way in my mouth. And, of course, my lunch company ends up looking at the wrong times.

Today was my second day at my summer internship. I went to lunch with a Staff members yesterday and an attorney from the office today. I also learned that I'll be going to lunch with several important members of the firm throughout the summer. I'll post about each lunch meeting for menu tips and other ideas, as well. But, here are some things I keep in mind when ordering at lunch.

Order something that:
  • will be easy to cut.
  • doesn't have too much grease/sauce that could slop on the table or, even worse, your clothes.
  • will be easy to consolidate into concise bites that fit on the fork. This will avoid those bites that you struggle to politely get in your mouth.
    • Think burger without a bun.
Tips while eating:
  • Cut your food well, so that your pieces are not too large. It's better to underestimate the appropriate size than overestimate.
  • Ensure each bite is secure on the fork.
  • Run the fork and knife through your salad before eating so any large pieces of lettuce are reduced.

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