May 22, 2014


Conveniently enough, the day I planned to arrive to my aunt and uncle's was their 19th wedding anniversary. They kept it simple, and we went to Clyde's for dinner. There are several of these restaurants, but they're all within the DC area. The food was amazing!

My paleo meal was some of the Local Asparagus Salad (appetizer), of which I didn't eat the cheese. And, I ordered the Brick Chicken which is the current seasonal dish. It was awesome! The chicken was wonderfully crispy on the outside but tender on the inside, and I loved the combination of vegetables. The salsa verde was almost like a pesto which added so much flavor to everything on the plate. The Ricotta Dumplings were easy to pick out, too.

Other good options would be the Atlantic Salmon without the polenta cake, the pescado sandwich without bread or any of their grass-fed burgers without a bun.

Clyde's Menu

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