May 24, 2014

Food Prep for New "Home" & New Job

You quickly realize what you value when you analyze the items you pack for a temporary move... For me, I've realized my knife set, garlic press, food processor, Pampered Chef spatula spoon, and vegetable peeler are high on the list. Those were the only kitchen items that made the trip. Well, and my entire stock of seasonings.

I made my first trip to the grocery store in my new "home" yesterday. Some main points of interest: 18 eggs, 2 salmon filets, 4 baby back ribs, 1 package of ground turkey & chorizo. Almost Everything ended up in the freezer. I made the ground turkey into individually-wrapped turkey burgers using onion powder, garlic powder & sea salt. I also wrapped each link of chorizo individually. That makes for 8 days of breakfast meat and 6 lunches or dinners.

I plan to eat and live very simply this summer. I'll probably be working a lot and traveling when I'm not working, so saving time is always a plus. I'll also be packing lunch for work most days which will require some preparation.

Tip #28: Individually wrap single-servings of meat for easy, quick meals.

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