May 4, 2014

Ginger Lime Chicken

Tonight I made Ginger Lime Chicken from the Cookbook Swap again. (Click for the recipe.) Half-way through cooking the chicken (before adding the sauce), I opened the refrigerator and realized I had two carrots sitting in the drawer. Remember, you can always find a use for something. Don't throw anything away!

On a side note, my refrigerator and freezer have not been this empty since I moved in.

I peeled and sliced the carrots and threw them in to sautee with the chicken. After about 5 minutes, I added the sauce, reduced the heat and let them simmer for another 10 minutes (approximately).

I put it over leftover Sauteed Spinach and Onions (Recipe Book) and sprinkled it with sesame seeds. It looks so sophisticated and tastes so yummy - you'd never think it was so simple! The spinach really soaks up the sauce which makes it all go together wonderfully.

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