May 3, 2014

Growing as a Cook

Among so many other benefits, paleo made me try and conquer so many new things in the kitchen this semester. It is so much fun to be able to say I did something new that I never thought I could do before. Here's a list of some things I did for the first time since starting paleo.
  • Cauliflower Rice - I barely believed this was a thing, let alone something I could make myself. Turns out, it's so easy!
  • Raw Birds - When I started paleo, I had a long-rooted fear of raw birds. It was hard for me to buy drumsticks, let alone a whole bird. I usually stuck to boneless, skinless chicken breast. Robin's Roasted Greek Chicken changed that, and it's actually so economical to buy the entire bird.
  • Full Ham - This was something I left solely to HoneyBaked Ham. Turns out, hams are SO simple and can feed a family for a long time. If you catch a good sale, you can really turn a ham into several easy, yummy, nutritious and cheap meals!
    • Ham Bone Soup - My Nana always made my mom save the ham bone and turkey carcass at holidays. And, I thought it was so gross. I still haven't done the carcass thing, but this ham bone soup was very easy, and I now see why she saved it. If it's natural, almost anything can be used - so, don't throw it away!
  • Chicken Pot Pie - This was not something my mom made growing up, so I really never thought about it until I found this paleo recipe with almond flour crust. Although the crust didn't exactly function correctly, this was fun to make and great as leftovers.
  • Omelet - Omelets were just not something I could do well. Making eggs about 80% of my mornings finally allowed me to conquer the omelet. The trick is to not flip it too quick and make sure it's all cooked underneath.
  • Poached Eggs - Once again, I really thought this was some sort of magic that only restaurants knew how to do to make Eggs Benedict. In reality, it's quite simple and is great on anything!
What new things have you conquered in the kitchen, thanks to paleo?

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