May 3, 2014


As I was sitting here doing everything but studying, my friend who's been on-and-off paleo all semester and my running buddy since August sent me this glorious message on Facebook... How did he know I've been wanting to try this?

Turns out they didn't have the coconut milk flavor today but they did have Chocolate Almond made with almond milk! I love seeing mainstream places becoming more paleo-friendly!!

The ingredients aren't wonderful (added sugar), but it's DAIRY AND GLUTEN FREE! So, it's acceptable for a paleo-friendly treat... or finals indulgence, in my case.
Source with Nutritional Information
The car thing is a whole other story... Long story short, I've been car-less for what seems like a year now because it randomly decided to die... on the 5th floor of a parking garage (You can imagine how easy it was to get a tow truck there.)... and not start with jumper cables... with a $700 issue... that happened in October 2012... during finals week. Welcome to my life!

I got a small cup of Chocolate Almond with Toasted Almonds. It was the perfect study break. YUM!!

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