May 7, 2014

Weekday Waffles

I LOVE this waffle recipe! The ingredients are so simple - you probably have them all in your kitchen; and, it takes about 15 minutes, tops! I'm down to 5 eggs, and I usually eat 2 each morning. I'm moving for the summer on Sunday, so it's not worth buying more eggs. I figured this was a good way to stretch 3 eggs into 3 days; so, I made a batch of the batter, made 1 waffle for breakfast and will make waffles for breakfast the next 2 days. I put the leftover batter in a mason jar and refrigerated.

I topped the waffle with sweet potato butter (from and Grade B Maple Syrup and made 2 links of chicken sausage. If you want to go even further, top these waffles with Sauteed Bananas and Whipped Coconut Cream, like I did here. Weekday, paleo breakfasts don't have to be boring!

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