June 9, 2014

Baltimore Farmers' Market

On Sunday, my Uncle showed me heaven. Seriously, it was paleo heaven. All of the vendors were from local farms and offered unique products. It was so heavenly that I spent wayy too much money and didn't even think twice. Nor did I have any regrets. If you're ever driving through Baltimore or the surrounding area on a Sunday morning, you're making a mistake if you don't stop to visit this market.

I came home with 1.1 lbs. of Ground Bison ($10.75), 12 farm-fresh eggs ($3.00), pecan butter ($7.00) and cashew butter ($6.00), dog treats to report back to my mom for my babies at home ($2.00) and a tummy full of AMAZING samples, including Sheep's Milk cheese.  Have you ever tried this? Do we know if it's paleo?

My Uncle got even cooler stuff! He bought a container of Cranberry Horseradish Goat Cheese ($12.00) which is so yummy, Gouda Goat Cheese & locally grown and made hard cider as well as cashew butter, farm-fresh eggs & ground bison. I can't wait to have it with a burger!

The produce seemed to be over-priced and no different than that which I can find in a grocery store. What products do you bring home from your favorite Farmers' Market?

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