June 22, 2014

Cookies with a Kick

 Sorry for the length between posts these days. This summer apparently had its own agenda which substantially deviated from the agenda I created. I moved last week and have not had the chance to take pictures of much of what I've been making.

Anyway, I moved in with a wonderful couple; and, the wife was telling me that she loves Cayenne with dark chocolate... a combination I had never heard of, let alone tried. She's really into Crossfit and eating healthy; so, naturally, I looked for a paleo dark chocolate cookie recipe. I settled on this one: Dark Chocolate Chunk Macadamia Nut Cookies

Once the dough was mixed and before I added the chocolate chips or macadamia nuts, I split the dough in half. I baked one-half without any modifications, a/k/a spice, and added 1 tsp. to the other half. So, if you're making the whole batch spicy, add about 2 tsp. cayenne. The taste will be strong if you taste the dough, but remember you're still adding chocolate chips and nuts.

The dough does not rise or flatten much at all. I used a spatula to flatten the tops of the second batch because the first batch came out still in the shape of the cookie scoop.

I have to say I was skeptical of the cayenne and scared it would ruin a perfectly good dark chocolate cookie, but it doesn't at all! You really can't even taste it until afterwards when you're left with a subtly increasing aftertaste of a little kick.

With or without the cayenne, this recipe is great. I had forgotten what paleo cookies tasted/felt like because I haven't baked in a while and there's basically no paleo around here. It was nice to have a sweet treat after a great dinner without the guilt. And, I love the macadamia nuts!

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