June 1, 2014

Summer Grilling, 2

My aunt requested my Avocado-Stuffed Burgers for dinner last night. I re-purposed hamburger patties they had in their fridge and mashed them all together with garlic powder, onion powder, a dash of Worcestershire sauce, sea salt & pepper. Then, I mashed an avocado and a half with garlic powder and onion powder. I formed the burgers the same way as in the linked recipe, and my uncle grilled them to perfection. We topped them with sliced tomato, butter lettuce leaves, mayo (small amount) and dijon mustard.

On the side, my aunt made Balsamic-Tossed Grilled Vegetables. These were AMAZING!

brussel sprouts, halved
yellow bell pepper, chopped
green bell pepper, chopped
cherry tomatoes
baby portabello mushrooms, chopped
red onion, sliced
olive oil
~1 tbsp. balsamic vinegar

Put all of the vegetables into a grilling basket. Lightly drizzle with olive oil. Grill, stirring occasionally, until tender - about 15 minutes. Toss with balsamic vinegar.

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