July 3, 2014

Ruby Tuesday

Going out to eat with my Grandpa is a crap-shoot on whether there will be anything semi-healthy on the menu. He likes American restaurants like Outback but tends to lean towards Asian cuisine like Pho or Chinese... and often Mexican, too. After suffering through a dinner of Chinese food at which he ordered Sweet & Sour Pork (I won't bore/disgust you with the details of how my stomach reacted to that for the next few days.), I decided to preemptively avoid a repeat and suggested Ruby Tuesday for lunch before I left to go back to Pennsylvania for another week of work.

He loves this place, so the idea was a hit. BINGO! I knew there was a salad bar. That being said... This is a great place for paleos to join friends of all diets for a meal without having to dissect the menu. I just ordered the Salad Bar; but, there were also Turkey Burgers on the menu which looked great. And, they have sweet potato fries, if you're feeling froggy. I'm surprised I didn't order those, too.

I would have a picture of my salad, but there's a story... I ate two plates of salad and was super full. I also had a few bites of my Grandpa's ribs which were great. And, I made myself a to-go box salad to take home and to work for lunch on Monday. (BONUS!) Monday morning, I walked out the door with way too much in my hands, as always... and put the salad on top of the car. OK, we all know where this is going, but it gets better than the typical story. But, I didn't have any idea until I got to work and the salad was nowhere to be found. I remembered balancing it on my green tea mug. It had to be in the car. Nope. So, as my boss who I'm living with walked into the office a few hours later, I say "Did you see a sala...?" That's all I got out before he said "Yep, right in front of the house." Talk about embarrassing...

Moral of the Story: The salad bar is great; and, more importantly, protect your salads.

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