July 12, 2014

The Busy Bee (Central Market - York, PA)

There is a little slice of heaven on Philadelphia Street, about 1.5 blocks from N. George St. in York, Pennsylvania. Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, the place comes alive with local vendors with all kinds of offerings - hand-painted pottery, salads, espresso, burritos, freshly-baked cookies, Mediterranean food, hand-cut fries, just to name a few - But, I usually bypass all of that and head straight for the stand on the back wall (Pershing St.) where Andrew and his crew are always buzzing around their small kitchen, putting amazing culinary creations into recyclable brown to-go boxes.
The standard menu is full of breakfast and lunch treasures - oatmeal with out-of-the-ordinary mix-ins, breakfast sandwiches, salads with only the freshest ingredients and burgers. But then, there is the ever-changing menu of specials. That's usually where I start, as I know there are wonderful "back-ups" in the tri-fold menu if nothing on the board catches my eye. Surprisingly, the offerings are healthy and paleo-friendly! Many of the salads are a unique spin on a classic spinach salad with chicken.
Habanero BBQ Pork salad with Apricots, Red Onions & Almonds

Finally, one day, I was in the mood for a burger. Not only are their burgers wonderful; but, they're buffalo! There's something special to me about a buffalo burger. And, you know it's a good spot if it's on the menu.
Kaptain Chesapeake (buffalo burger with crabcake) without a bun or chips, over spinach

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