August 4, 2014

Butters of all kinds...

For something that is immediately cut out of your diet when you go paleo, the word "butter" seems to sneak back quite frequently. Its original dairy form doesn't come around much, but there are so many other "butter" products that can be found in a paleo pantry.

Listed Left to Right:

Almond Butter - I'm slowly getting used to the taste of raw almond butter. We're not as close as sunflower butter and I are. But, it's great for baking!
Coconut Butter - I have not used this, but my mom has. I know it is used in a lot of baking recipes.
Sunflower Butter - This is one of my best pantry friends. If you're aimelessly roaming through the fridge and/or pantry looking for that something that will satisfy you for a few hours... this is it. A spoon full of sunflower butter will keep you full, give you a protein boost and tastes awesome. I used to be a peanut butter-aholic, and this has been my best replacement.
Apple Butter - My sister got this from WholeFoods because this Paleo Chocolate Chip Banana Bread recipe calls for it. Although it's made from concentrate, and I've become a non-concentrate brat, it's actually really good. Like, really good. When I was in Pennsylvania this summer, I saw a lot of this because it is produced by the Amish.
Ghee - This is clarified butter which is basically butter which has been boiled to remove the lactose solids. Use it to flavor dishes that you would ordinarily flavor with butter, e.g., mashed cauliflower to replace mashed potatoes.
Sweet Potato Butter - I ordered this from, and it is so so yummy! There's got to be a way to home-make this. I just haven't looked into it. If you find a recipe, let me know! I used it on home-made paleo biscuits with eggs which was so yummy!
Cashew Butter - I haven't tried cashew butter, but I hear it's great. My mom said she read somewhere that cashews are one of the best types of nuts too.

Not pictured:
Pecan Butter - Another nut butter... This one reminds me of apple pie the moment it touches my tongue!
Walnut Butter - Another nut butter!
Macadamia Butter - Expensive but luxurious!

What other butters do you have in your paleo pantry?

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