September 25, 2014

Ground Beef-Stuffed Peppers

I have to apologize for my absence from blogging lately. This semester has gotten the best of me in more ways than I can describe. I'm finally getting my act together when it comes to diet and being in the kitchen, so I promise to make an effort to post more. Just know that I am posting in spirit... meaning I'm thinking of posts and will write as many as I can. :)

Last night I made this Paleo Stuffed Peppers recipe. The local health food store has grass-fed ground beef for $3.99/lb. (Seriously! I got the e-mail in class.), so I obviously wanted to take full advantage of the opportunity. I was planning to cook for myself, but last-minutely decided that it would be much better with some company and a glass of wine. So, I texted a friend and asked if he would like to join me for dinner... He answered affirmatively. I have to say that it takes one trusting friend to say "Yes." to a dinner invitation without even asking what's on the menu. What if I was testing a new recipe that involved something like liver and onions? Or corned-beef and cabbage? He did ask what was for dinner when he walked in the door; but, at that point, wasn't it too late?

I halved the recipe and decided to use 1 green and 1 red pepper to make life a little more colorful. I also ended up not having fire roasted diced tomatoes like I thought I did, so I used basil, oregano and garlic diced tomatoes instead. When they first came out of the oven, I was a little weary that they may be dry. To my surprise, they had a ton of moisture just under the surface; and the filling has a ton of flavor!!! This is a great recipe for a weeknight because it doesn't require much prep; you can easily pick up the ingredients with one quick trip to the store on your way home if it's a last minute decision (or a sale prompts your decision); and, it doesn't take long, nor much effort, at all.

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