October 19, 2014

How to: Pomegranate

My roommate got a gift basket that included a pomegranate, something I had never used before. I knew there were seeds inside that are super healthy but had no idea how to get to them or what to expect when this beautiful fruit was opened.
 A quick Google search and Youtube video helped tremendously. I'll summarize and illustrate the process here.

1. Score the skin (exterior) of the pomegranate with a fruit knife, about 3-5 times length-wise.
Step 1
After Step 1

2. Cut off the top. Some seeds will probably be exposed.
After Step 2
3. Peel away the skin, using the score lines as your guide. Do this over a container, as the seeds will start to fall away from the membrane.
Step 3
4. Continue to peel and push the seeds away from the membrane until all of the seeds are removed.
Step 4
Mix them in coconut yogurt (Trader Joe's or SO Delicious) or with paleo ice cream (Recipe Book)! Or, just enjoy them on their own!!

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