Tips & Tricks

As I mention tips in the posts, I will add them to this page for a quick reference-point of everything consolidated in one place. There is a link to the corresponding post after each tip.

  • Eat three meals each day plus one snack. 
    • Try to eat breakfast within one hour of waking up.
  • Drink water - Aim for at least 64 oz. each day.
  • Stretch after each workout.
  • Don't weigh yourself everyday. Pick one day of the week, and designate it as "Weigh Day."
    • More tips on being friends with the scale here.
  1. Ask what veggies and meats are topped with and tell the waiter you do not want any added butter. (Bonefish Grill post)
  2. Salads are your friend. (Jason's Deli post)
  3. Look up the menu before you go! (BJ's Brewhouse)
  4. Stairs are a great replacement when circumstances won't allow a run. (Stair Workout)
  5. Check dried fruit for added sugar.
  6. Sashimi is sushi without the rice.
  7. Check smoothies for added sugar. (Tropical Smoothie)
  8. Sweeten coffee with almond milk and cinnamon. (Starbucks)
  9. Eat a hard-boiled egg, or 2, with about 1/2 cup blueberries about 30 minutes before a workout.(Packed Lunches & Snacks)
  10. Use ground cashews to thicken liquids, as a sub for corn starch.
  11. Make your own condiments. (Homemade Ketchup)
  12. Be sure to say you don't want any breading on chicken wings. (Buffalo Wild Wings)
  13. Skip the sauce. (101 Restaurant, Harry's)
  14. Use lettuce in place of tortillas for any recipe you like! (Fruitbowl Friday)
  15. Grocery stores will always have fresh food when there aren't many healthy restaurants options. (Subway)
  16. Order fajitas at Mexican restaurants & stay away from rice and beans. (Mexican Food
  17. Use spaghetti squash in place of noodles in your favorite recipes. (Paleo Spaghetti
  18. Use mashed cauliflower in place of mashed potatoes for a side dish. (Cooking with Chancey
  19. Think outside the box when it seems you are precluded from any and all fun [or food]. (Fro Yo
  20. Bring your own condiments to the restaurant. (Andrew's Capital Grill
  21. Don't assume the "outside" world is paleo. (Catalina Cafe)
  22. Use what's in your kitchen in order to keep the your ingredients fresh. (Living Off the Freezer)
  23. Dissolve honey in hot water and then add to cold drink for sweetener. (Grapefruit Juice)
  24. Order any sandwich without a bun. (Vertigo Burgers & Fries, Burger Fi, Jersey Mike's)
  25. Swap cookbooks with a friend to accumulate new recipes in a budget-friendly way. (Cookbook Swap
  26. Leftovers (of almost any kind) topped with an egg or two make a great breakfast. (Throw an Egg on It, Sweet Potatoes & Eggs, Eggs-elent)
  27. Ask for the Gluten-Free Menu. (Harry's)
  28. Individually wrap single-servings of meat for easy, quick meals. (Food Prep)
  29. Bring plantain chips wit you to join in on chips & salsa. (Out for Mexican, Hacked)

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